BKB Baran Książek Bigaj was founded in 2006 as a continuation of several decades of practice of the distinguished expert in Polish and international labour law – Professor Andrzej M. Świątkowski, PhD., hab., and over ten years of practice in labour law of Daniel Książek, PhD. – the founder of BKB. In 2017, another renowned labour law expert, Professor Krzysztof W. Baran, PhD., hab., joined the team. He is an undisputed authority in fields such as collective labour law, and the editor of over ten volumes of the prestigious series “System Prawa Pracy” (The Labour Law System) (Wolters Kluwer).

As most of our lawyers combine the practice of law with academic work at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University and other national and foreign universities, we offer legal services of the highest possible quality.
Our experts have participated in fellowships and exchange programmes organised by universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, and Columbia University.

We specialise in Polish and European labour and social security law and provide comprehensive legal services on the highest substantive level in these areas. BKB Baran, Książek, Bigaj advises the largest business entities operating in Poland and works on the most difficult labour law cases.

The high level of quality of services provided by BKB is confirmed both by the fact that our Clients include the best Polish and international law firms and by the fact that the members of our team have prepared several opinions related to labour law for public administration institutions.

Our services always include legal assistance of the highest quality, with particular focus on providing our Clients with all support possible. BKB aims to fulfil all wishes of our Clients and ensure that they are satisfied with the results.

We provide legal services in close cooperation with our strategic partner in Poland Kancelaria Traple Konarski Podrecki i Wspólnicy, which specialises in advising on IP, TMT, IT and FinTech, as well as cybersecurity and data protection.

Our experience and the degree of preparation are fully reflected in our motto: Where the possibilities of others end, ours begin.

  • Professor Krzysztof Wojciech Baran
    He specialises in labour law. He has promoted legal knowledge related to the normative principles governing industrial relations for many years. He has extensive expertise and teaching experience in providing training for human resources personnel. Head of the Department of Labour Law...
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  • Daniel Książek, PhD with Habilitation
    Long-standing practitioner and expert in employment and labour law. Daniel Książek has thorough and comprehensive experience in employment litigation. He is a personal legal adviser to Members of Management Boards, Chief Executive Officers and HR Directors of the largest employers in Poland....
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  • Wojciech Bigaj
    He is our main expert in the area of employment litigation and projects related to working time and occupational health and safety, as well as collective redundancies, employment based on civil law contracts, and company social benefit funds. He is a lecturer...
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  • Professor Andrzej Marian Świątkowski
    Vice-President of the Social Rights Committee of the Council of Europe, professor of the Jagiellonian University, graduate of Law and Sociology at the Jagiellonian University and of the University of Pennsylvania Law School in Philadelphia. Member of the IOSS – International Organization...
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  • Prof. UwB Iwona Sierocka
    Habilitated doctor of legal sciences and a professor at the Department of Labour Law at the University of Białystok. Her scientific interests focus on issues related to collective labour law, the social security system and the “third pillar” of retirement funds, in...
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  • Paweł Krzykowski
    Expert specialising in managerial contracts concluded with Members of the Management Boards of companies operating in Poland. He advises on cases related to non-competition agreements, non-solicitation clauses, and confidentiality agreements. He advises Clients in cases concerning work time, drafting remuneration by-laws, bonus policies,...
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  • Beata Baran, PhD with Habilitation
    Beata is a Certified Compliance Officer. At BKB, she supervises cases related to compliance, whistleblowing, harassment, and internal inquiry procedures. She also specialises in disciplinary procedures and due diligence audits. She regularly advises corporate clients in the banking & finance, pharma, retail,...
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  • Kajetan Bartosiak
    He specialises in individual and collective labour law, in particular in issues related to individual employment contracts (from recruitment to termination), the employment of members of governing bodies in equity companies, and in employment proceedings and administrative proceedings connected to employment. Author...
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  • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Ongoing consulting on D&I matters for global companies, including those in the pharmaceutical and retail sectors, operating in Poland.
    • Drafting expert opinions related to D&I, concerning the possibility of applying fixed promotion thresholds for workers of a specific gender.
    • Acting in precedential court proceedings arising from D&I issues in Poland.
    • Drafting D&I by-laws, including the processing of sensitive data, for instance sexual orientation of workers.
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  • Managerial contracts
    • Advising on the appointment and dismissal of Members of Management Board at an international pharmaceutical company operating in Poland.
    • Advising on the policy on variable remuneration elements for a major Polish bank.
    • Drafting a managerial contract for a Member of the Management Board at a leading bank in Poland.
    • Drafting retention plans for managers in one of the largest pharmaceutical companies.
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Our Pro Bono activities

BKB is dedicated to the principles of diversity and inclusion in terms of promoting and implementing these concepts among employers.

Respect for equality should be essential for all organisations, regardless of size, and this is related to fundamental human rights. As this aspect becomes increasingly important especially in the era of high mobility and multiculturality, it requires constant attention and understanding, both on the employment and the social level. The leader of the inclusion and non-discrimination campaign is Daniel Książek, who personally supervises these processes and who strives to raise general awareness of diversity, inclusion, and counteracting racism and exclusion. To achieve this aim, he cooperates (on behalf of the JU) with units of The Clooney Foundation for Justice in court proceedings related to human rights.

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