Pursuant to the law, employees who has not used all days of holiday leave to which they are entitled in the given year, should use them by the 30th of September of the subsequent year. The TVN 24 Biznes website asked Mr Wojciech Bigaj to explain whether the employer may order an employee to use the outstanding holiday leave without the employee’s consent. Our Legal Counsel explained that:

“In order to avoid the charges of violating the provisions of the Labour Code, the employer may, in the period from the 1st of January to the 30th of September of the subsequent year, order the employee to specify the time when they would like to use the outstanding holiday leave. If the employee fails to comply with the order, the employer may punish them with a disciplinary penalty of warning or reprimand (Art. 108 of the Labour Code) and repeat the order”.

The full material is available HERE.

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