Katarzyna Fiedeń


Associate. Katarzyna graduated from Kozminski University in Warsaw with a law degree and from the University of Warsaw with a master’s degree in international relations with a specialization in contemporary diplomacy. In the course of her studies, she took part in scholarship programmes at the University of Vienna and Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. Currently, she is in her third year of bar training with the District Bar Council in Warsaw.

She provides ongoing advice on labour law and actively participates in labour law and social security court cases.

The issues she has advised on include management contracts, non-competition agreements (during and after employment), confidentiality agreements, non-solicitation clauses, working time, employment protection issues related to motherhood and parenthood, employee pension programmes (PPE), and employee capital plans (PPK).

Contakt: katarzynafieden@ksiazeklegal.pl


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