Penalties for companies for employing maintenance debtors “in the black”

Employing a maintenance debtor entails additional obligations for the employer both during the employment relationship and after it expires. Puls Biznesu analysed this topic discussing the penalties that may be imposed on employers for failure to meet these obligations and for employing so-called maintenance debtors without an employment contract. An expert from our Law Firm, Mr Wojciech Bigaj, was asked to comment on the sanctions.

Our Legal Counsel reminded readers that the employer may be sued for failure to meet its obligations connected with employing a maintenance debtor. Mr Bigaj also pointed to the requirement to include the information about the seizure of the debt in the employment certificate of a maintenance debtor and mentioned the obligation of the employer to transfer the documents concerning the seizure of remuneration to the new employer of its former employee.

The full article is available HERE.

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