Based on our extensive experience and expert knowledge, we provide advice in the area of labour law and employment law. We support our clients in taking strategic decisions related to business development needs in the field of human resources management. We consult decisions regarding both individual and collective labour law in highly complex cases.

We have extensive experience in conducting cross-border cases, both within the European Union and outside its territory.

We provide highly specialized individual consultancy for the top management.

We help in conducting collective bargaining, especially in the scope of concluding collective labour agreements and other agreements – e.g. transfer or social packages issues and in the case of collective redundancies.

We provide services in the field of conciliation and mediation in work disputes, both individual and collective in highly complex cases.

Each Client has individual needs.

Each case is a new challenge.

A wide range of topics including labour law, social insurances issues, social law, social dialogue issues and alternative dispute resolution methods allow for a comprehensive analysis of the presented issue.

Our goal is to present the most convenient solutions that will ensure the success of our Clients.

Our opinions are original ideas of experts based on in-depth analysis of the problem and extensive experience. An innovative approach to each case guarantees creativity and uniqueness of the proposed solutions. In the most complex situations, the knowledge and experience of experts will allow us to present an original approach to the problem.

Each Client has individual needs.

Each case is a new challenge.

The training programs are tailored to approach individual needs. They are conducted by eminent specialists in the field of labour law, social security and compliance. We provide expert knowledge and good practices necessary for efficient functioning in the economic turnover.

Carefully selected thematic scope corresponding to the needs of our Clients, small working groups and convenient location are the standard of high quality services in the field of professional improvement of entities operating in labour relations and interested in expanding compliance knowledge.

The trainers are leading experts and experienced practitioners specializing in labour law and compliance. They are also scientists with a considerable teaching experience.

Our training offer includes:

In the field of labour law:

  • employee capital plans,
  • new regulations regarding trade unions,
  • anti-mobbing issues,
  • employment rationalization,
  • regulations regarding parental leave.

In the area of compliance:

  • implementation of the compliance system in the organization,
  • whistleblowing – implementation, operating, training for management and employees,
  • identification of non-compliance risks,
  • creating a compliance function/unit in an organization,
  • implementation and verification of internal procedures,
  • implementation of the compliance plan,
  • individual training for compliance officers.

Each Client has individual needs.

Each case is a new challenge.

We offer support in minimizing non-compliance risk. The creation of a comprehensive and effective compliance system gives our Clients the opportunity to act in accordance with generally applicable legal standards as well as internal regulations within the framework of corporate relations.

We offer our Clients:

  • identification of non-compliance risks,
  • verification of applicable internal procedures and their compliance with the law,
  • analysis of existing remedies regarding non-compliance risks and irregularities,
  • recommendations of mitigating actions,
  • support in creating a compliance unit in the organization,
  • implementation of the compliance system in the organization,
  • creating internal procedures, e.g. anti-mobbing, whistleblowing, gift and benefits procedures,
  • verifying and updating existing internal procedures,
  • support in the implementation and development of the compliance plan,
  • support in defining tasks of organization’s members and reporting lines,
  • implementation of an effective whistleblowing system in the organization,
  • preparation of whistleblowing procedures,
  • conducting trainings for management in the implementation of whistleblowing in the organization,
  • preparation of employees to use the whistleblowing reporting system.

We have extensive experience in conducting internal anti-mobbing and whistleblowing proceedings.

Each Client has individual needs.

Each case is a new challenge.