The proposed amendments to the Labour Code foresee regulating remote work, which is becoming increasingly popular due to the coronavirus pandemic. Łukasz Łaguna commented on the changes in the provisions as proposed by the Ministry of Family, Labour, and Social Policy at that time in an article that is available on the website

The lawyer from our Law Firm criticised the proposed regulations, emphasising that the definition of remote work itself already raises some reservations and should be developed. Additionally, Łukasz Łaguna pointed out that the employers who wish to introduce remote work at their companies will be confronted with a time-consuming, extensive procedure of negotiations with trade unions. In the cited article, our expert also referred to the casuistic prerequisites for the introduction of remote work, controversial provisions concerning possible inspections of employees at their homes, and to the archaic nature of the proposed changes that do not meet the current needs of the labour market.

The full article is available HERE.

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