Unregulated duties and obligations: hybrid work in the current legal state

We recommend you the main topic of the December issue of the Personel & Zarządzanie magazine, written by Łukasz Łaguna. In the article our expert discussed the objectives of the so-called hybrid work system, which is becoming increasingly popular, although its status has not been regulated by law.

The lawyer from BKB pointed to the fact that the Polish legal system does not provide a precise definition of hybrid work and that, pursuant to the existing regulations, the order to perform hybrid work means, in fact, an order to perform partly remote work. In the further sections of the article, Łukasz Łaguna explained the consequences of ordering an employee to work in the hybrid mode and the obligations of the employer towards such employees. Moreover, our expert analysed the possibility to introduce a hybrid work system based on a modification to the collective work arrangement and referred to the possible consequences that might be faced by an employee who refuses to perform such work.

The full article is available HERE.

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