Accidents at work

As far as the broad range of events that may constitute accidents at work are concerned, such as emergencies that interrupt work or are connected with work and cause injuries to employees, the services we provide include in particular:

  • support in the process of investigating the causes of the event, in particular assisting teams acting in the investigation after the event occurred, and drafting the related documentation
  • assisting in contacts with inspection authorities, the police, and the prosecutor’s office in the event of collective, serious, and fatal accidents
  • analysis of documentation following an accident to assess correctness and legal compliance, and providing recommendations on further actions in the case
  • evaluation of the justification of employee claims related to such events.

General information:

Accidents at work and their results may have severe consequences for the employer and for those who may be responsible for their occurrence. A reliable analysis of specific cases, based on binding legal regulations and our wide practical experience, usually enables all doubts to be resolved and correct findings to be established to determine the circumstances surrounding the event and the scope of responsibility of individual persons. Professional support also enables future events to be prevented and recommendations to be drawn up to minimise the risk of such events occurring in future.

  • Accidents at work
    • Wide practical experience in investigating the causes of accidents and drafting the required documentation.
    • Wide experience in court cases related to claims of employees and victims of such events.
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