Inspections conducted by public authorities, e.g. the National Labour Inspectorate, the Social Insurance Institution.

We offer comprehensive assistance for entities undergoing inspections, when preparing the appropriate solutions, during the inspection, and in the post-inspection phase. We provide ongoing assistance and advice during the inspection and with respect to the cooperation with the inspecting authority. In particular, we assist with:

  • monitoring the inspection to ensure that it proceeds correctly and in compliance with the law,
  • verifying the reliability of the findings and ensuring that the prepared post-inspection documentation is correct,
  • preparing statements during the inspection and responses to the inspection results,
  • filing appeals against the decisions issued by the inspecting authorities,
  • conducting court proceedings before labour and social security courts, as well as administrative and criminal courts.

Inspections conducted by the competent authorities (in labour relationships these are usually the National Labour Inspectorate and the Social Insurance Institution) are an important element of the functioning of employees and HR/Compliance/OHS/Legal departments. In this respect, it is essential to ensure that the inspection protocol is reliable, in particular in terms of the facts recorded by the authority, and to submit comments or remarks at the appropriate time. This may be crucial for the inspection results and for the potential success of the employer in challenging the inspection results and post-inspection decisions. Professional support of experts may be invaluable.

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