Mobility of employees and the employment of foreigners

We provide employers with comprehensive assistance related to a broad range of mobility of employees issues, in particular with respect to:

  • audits of the regularity of formal requirements related to the employment of foreigners (verification of documents legalizing stay and work),
  • ongoing advice on the employment of foreigners, including changes in the conditions of employment of foreigners and the impact of these changes on documents legalizing stay and work of foreigners,
  • analysis of risks associated with remote work from abroad (in the field of labour law, social security law, tax law)
  • posting of workers to provide services within the European Union
  • business travel of local and foreign employees,
  • employment of foreigners in Poland, by means of a comprehensive, multi-aspect analysis from the point of view of labour law of the pertinent facts, where the legal systems of different countries overlap, including assistance in selecting the most beneficial form of employment for the given entity,
  • other forms of work performed temporarily abroad by employees who regularly perform work in Poland, e.g. temporary performance of remote work from a foreign country for an employer who is located in Poland (and the related risks).

General information:

  • Due to the free movement of workers in the EU, citizens of other EU Member States may be employed in Poland on the same terms and conditions as Polish citizens.
  • Regarding employment of citizens of countries that are not Member States of the EU (third countries), Polish employers must comply with a larger number of formalities and requirements than when employing a European Union citizen.
  • Employees may perform their duties temporarily abroad, whether in the form of business trip, or as posted workers. Proper classification of travel as posting of workers or a business trip is very important not only from the point of view of labour law, but also for the purposes of social security and taxation law.
  • Mobility of employees and the employment of foreigners
    • Providing comprehensive advice for a British company and support in selecting the optimum form of employment during Brexit.
    • Comprehensive analysis of the risks connected with employees performing remote work abroad, conducted for a leading pharmaceuticals company.
    • Devising a “road map” for one of the largest players in the furniture industry to present the numerous, complex obligations that have to be fulfilled by an employer who posts workers to provide services abroad.
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