Working time and overtime

Proper work organisation means, first of all, an effective work time management. Every business is specific, and the working time and schedule of employees need to be adapted.

We provide our Clients with comprehensive support in devising and implementing the appropriate working time systems and schedules. We conduct reviews of the existing working time systems and schedules and recommend possible changes to optimise the business performance of our Clients. We assist our Clients in managing the overtime pay policies, and represent them before public authorities and courts in cases related to work time.

We have successfully conducted hundreds of court cases concerning the payment of remuneration for thousands of hours of overtime work.

As far as working time is concerned, we provide services related both to planning and adapting the work organisation to the needs of employers, and support in specific cases related to planning, settling, and solving the problems that emerge. We provide a full range of services with respect to working time and overtime including:

  • reviewing and drafting by-laws on working time (collective bargaining agreements, work regulations, procedures and policies)
  • support in planning and settlement of working time
  • specialist trainings and workshops
  • supporting the process of implementation of electronic tools for working time settlement and planning
  • support in cases of workers’ claims concerning working time
  • planning and settlement of the working time of mobile workers
  • working time during business trips
  • ongoing consulting services

Working time is one of the fundamental and at the same time most difficult issues in labour law, which is vital for employers. Proper working time organisation, using all of the options permitted by labour law regulations, is one of the main elements that enable employers to put their resources to full use. Our priority in this area is to ensure full compliance with the law while maintaining the maximum possible flexibility.

  • Working time and overtime
    • Providing regular consulting services for the largest Polish employers (employing several to several tens of thousands of workers).
    • Preparing legal opinions and analyses concerning work organisation and the existing working time solutions (e.g. for a leading automobile producer, banks, service providers in the power generating and industrial sectors).
    • Combining practice with scientific work and lecturing on the subject in postgraduate studies in labour law.
    • Organising and conducting multiple trainings and workshops, often very specialised, for numerous private and public entities.
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