Whom should a doctor sue for the lack of “Covid benefit”?

Healthcare professionals who participate in combating the coronavirus epidemic should receive the so-called “Covid benefit” in an amount equivalent to 100% of their remuneration. Pursuant to current legal regulations, the benefit is paid by the employer from the funds obtained from the budget of the National Health Fund, which are allocated to the given healthcare facility upon the order of the Minister of Health. However, healthcare professionals sometimes do not receive the benefit so they have to take legal action to receive it. The editorial team of Rzeczpospolita asked Professor Krzysztof Baran to comment on who should be sued for failure to pay the Covid benefit. In the opinion of our expert, the safest solution would be to sue as many as three institutions: the employer, the Minister of Health, and the National Health Fund. This results from the normative structure and autonomic nature of the benefit in question.

The full article is available HERE.

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