Employers and the right to information from employees about vaccination

There is no end to the discussion about vaccination against Coronavirus. In a Newseria article, BKB expert attorney-at-law Kajetan Bartosiak explained what rights and limitations the employer has in relation to vaccination, saying that as a rule an employer cannot require its subordinates to get vaccinated, and if the employer provides for a vaccination order [...]

It is possible to make adjustments to the holiday schedule, but for most employers COVID-19 alone is not sufficient grounds

With Coronavirus pandemic restrictions being eased and more sectors of the economic being revived, businesses want to make the most effective use of the coming months. To minimize the risk of downtime, some employers are choosing to modify the holiday schedule. The industry website prawo.pl looked into the issue of changes to leave schedules. Kajetan [...]

Obligation to provide safe and healthy working conditions and remote working

An employer is responsible for health and safety at work even if employees perform their duties remotely. Bartosz Retkowski, in an article for HRnews.pl, discussed the statutory obligations to provide employees with appropriate working conditions and cited the most important case law in this area. The BKB's lawyer also explained how an employer can control [...]

Lawyer 4.0 – Lawyer as compliance officer

We recommend to your attention the publication "Lawyer 4.0 - A modern advisor in the digital revolution" which is a collection of columns by specialists connected with the legal services industry. The chapter by Dr Beata Baran is devoted to the challenges of a compliance officer, i.e. a specialist dealing with minimizing the risk of [...]

Who is responsible for organizing a work station when employees work remotely?

Even though working remotely is not regulated in detail by labor law, an increasing number of employees work in this way,. This causes major concern, particularly in the area of occupational health and safety. Wojciech Bigaj, attorney at law, commented for Puls Biznesu on discrepancies in guidelines concerning the application of occupational health and safety [...]