Whistleblowers: a wide protective umbrella

We would like to invite you to read the new article in the “Compliance and Whistleblowers” series that we write for the Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper. In the newest publication, dr Beata Baran analysed the list of entities that should be subject to protection as a result of reported irregularities in the organisation. The expert from BKB pointed out that the list of protected persons provided in the EU Directive may well be extended by Polish legislatory authorities.

Among the entities that are protected under the Directive, dr Beata Baran listed, first of all, employees of the given organisation, its shareholders and stockholders, associates, subcontractors, and even persons who are not yet formally linked to the given organisation. What is important, the protective umbrella covers not only whistleblowers, but also people who may potentially be exposed to retaliation, even if they are not directly involved in the reporting process.

The full article by dr Beata Baran is available HERE.

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