At the turn of November and December, the regulations concerning the duty to cover mouths and noses by employees changed dynamically. The currently binding regulations are discussed by attorney Paweł Krzykowski and trainee legal counsel Michał Bering in the specialist supplement to the Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper “Business during the pandemic”.

Lawyers from BKB pointed to the need to interpret the term “generally available places at the workplace”. The use of this term in the Ordinance enables different interpretations concerning whether employees should cover their mouths and noses on premises that may be accessed by people other than works, or whether the obligation applies to every room at the workplace where there is more than one person. The authors also commented on the right of the employer to release employees from the obligation to cover their mouths and noses. They emphasised that, when grating the optional consent for working without a face mask, the employer should analyse the possibility to maintain social distance in the given place. Attorney Paweł Krzykowski and trainee legal counsel Michał Bering also discussed the issues related to covering the costs of masks used by employees.

The full article is available HERE.

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