Lawyer 4.0 – Lawyer as compliance officer

We recommend to your attention the publication “Lawyer 4.0 – A modern advisor in the digital revolution” which is a collection of columns by specialists connected with the legal services industry. The chapter by Dr Beata Baran is devoted to the challenges of a compliance officer, i.e. a specialist dealing with minimizing the risk of non-compliance of a company’s activities with legal regulations.
In the ebook, dr Beata Baran discusses the tasks which a compliance officer will have to face and also brings closer the features which should characterise an accurate representative of this profession. Additionally, the BKB expert reminded about the directive on protection of whistleblowers, as tasks related to reporting violations in an organization should also be a part of a compliance officer’s work.
You can read the discussed chapter HERE.

We are also pleased that in the discussed publication, the chapter “Law firm on LinkedIn”, there appeared an analysis of communication activities of our law firm, in which we try to share with our followers legal knowledge, legislative news and comments on important judgments and legal acts.

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