We advise on mitigating non-compliance risk. A coherent and effective compliance scheme means that clients can operate in line with currently applicable law as well as with company by-laws in corporate relations.

What we provide:

  • Identification of areas of non-compliance risk,
  • review of the existing company procedures and assurance of their legal compliance,
  • analysis of the current remedies for non-compliance risk,
  • recommendations regarding risk mitigation measures,
  • advice on setting up a compliance unit in an organisation,
  • implementation of a compliance scheme in an organisation,
  • structuring of company procedures on harassment, whistleblowing, and gifts and benefits, and other procedures,
  • review and updating of current company procedures,
  • assistance with devising a compliance plan,
  • assistance with defining the duties of organisation members and the reporting structure,
  • implementation of a whistleblowing scheme in an organisation,
  • drafting of a whistleblowing policy,
  • training for management on implementation of a whistleblowing scheme in an organisation,
  • training for employees on how to make use of a whistleblowing scheme.

We have wide-ranging experience in handling in-company whistleblowing cases.

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