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Being involved in diversity and inclusion (D&I) is one of the core values at Baran Książek Bigaj, and is an inherent part of our activity. It also influences the ways in which we provide services to our Clients, cooperate with them, and recruit employees. The fact that we ensure D&I within our Law Firm allows us to fully understand the related problems that our Clients face. The assistance we provide for employers incorporates D&I principles, in particular with respect to:

  • the proper structure of the recruitment process,
  • the correct form of the internal regulations,
  • creating appropriate career development mechanisms for employees,
  • the correct form of termination mechanisms.

General information:

  • D&I principles are not explicitly regulated in generally applicable law,
  • D&I principles are closely linked to the duty of equal treatment and counteracting harassment and discrimination,
  • An employer’s decision to include D&I principles in by-laws improves transparency of structures of any entity,
  • The implementation and enforcement of D&I principles minimizes the risk of harassment and discrimination, Employers are required to take action to combat these problems,
  • The implementation and enforcement of D&I principles may be an important argument in court cases related to such issues, as an employer has a much greater chance of not being found liable when such situations arise.
  • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Ongoing consulting on D&I matters for global companies, including those in the pharmaceutical and retail sectors, operating in Poland.
    • Drafting expert opinions related to D&I, concerning the possibility of applying fixed promotion thresholds for workers of a specific gender.
    • Acting in precedential court proceedings arising from D&I issues in Poland.
    • Drafting D&I by-laws, including the processing of sensitive data, for instance sexual orientation of workers.
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