Webinar: How to take care of sensitive legal issues at your company: employment restructuring and the new directive on the protection of whistleblowers

We invite you to a webinar conducted by experts from BKB for the members of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Krakow. Attorneys Wojciech Bigaj and Paweł Krzykowski and dr Beata Baran will discuss the regulations connected to employment restructuring, taking into consideration the special regulations that result from the epidemiological situation, and the requirements imposed by the Directive of the European Parliament and the Council on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law, so-called whistleblowers.


I Employment Restructuring

  • Collective redundancies due to reasons on part of the employer
  • Criteria for selecting employees to be made redundant
  • Individual terminations due to reasons on part of the employer
  • The procedure related to terminations changing the work conditions
  • Voluntary redundancy programmes
  • Special regulations connected to the epidemic

II Directive on whistleblowers

  • What is whistleblowing?
  • Why is it worth implementing a system to report irregularities? What are the benefits for the employer?
  • Implementing an irregularities reporting system for entrepreneurs – step by step
  • Practical examples of existing whistleblowing systems
  • Protection of whistleblowers – how it works
  • Whistleblowing as an element of the compliance system

The webinar will take place on March 16 2021. Registration details are available HERE.

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