Harassment, abuse, discrimination, equal treatment in employment and the protection of personality rights

When these problems arise in the workplace, this can have implications for the reputation of the employer and cause financial losses in the form of payment of compensation for damage. We provide comprehensive services for employers with respect to preventing harassment, abuse, discrimination, violation of the principles of equal treatment in employment, and the protection of personality rights.

  • We assist employers in the implementation of policies aimed at preventing problems of this type.
  • We participate in internal anti-harassment committees that investigate the case,
  • We conduct trainings on the principles of proper cooperation for employees,
  • We represent employers before public authorities and courts with regard to allegations of harassment, abuse, etc.

General information:

  • Persons whose right to equal treatment in employment have been violated by the employer, have the right to demand compensation in an amount not lower than the minimum wage.
  • The Employer has an obligation to prevent mobbing.
  • Harassment means any act or behaviour relating to an employee or targeted against an employee that involves persistent and long-term bullying or intimidation, resulting in lower self-evaluation by the employee of their professional abilities, with the purpose or effect of humiliating or ridiculing, isolating or eliminating that employee from a work team.
  • An employee whose health suffers as a result of harassment may claim an adequate amount of compensation for the incurred damage from the employer.
  • An employee who is harassed or terminates their employment contract as a result of harassment may claim compensation in the amount not lower than the minimum wage from the employer.
  • Harassment, abuse, discrimination
    • Trainings on harassment prevention organised for numerous international companies and public entities, including the National Revenue Administration.
    • Conducting hundreds of inquiries in cases of allegations of harassment in public entities and global companies, including those in the pharmaceutical, power generation, and retail sectors.
    • Drafting and assisting with the implementation of numerous internal regulations that minimise the risk of harassment, abuse, etc.
    • Handling hundreds of court proceedings, including precedential cases with large media coverage related to discrimination and equal treatment in Poland.
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