Occupational health and safety

With respect to occupational health and safety, we assist to ensure proper application of the relevant legal regulations, and also provide support in emergency situations (failures, accidents, events involving risk of an accident at work). We provide a full range of services with respect to drafting and implementing documentation related to the above, also during inspections conducted by the competent authorities, in particular:

  • reviewing and drafting by-laws on occupational health and safety (collective bargaining, work regulations, procedures and policies).
  • legal compliance audit of the adopted solutions
  • assisting OHS services
  • consulting on specific topical areas (e.g. work in special conditions, occupational risk, etc.)
  • support in the process of training and broadening knowledge related to OHS
  • ongoing consulting services

Providing safe and hygienic work conditions is one of the fundamental obligations of every employer. The activities of employers in this respect have a direct influence on the life and health of their workers and associates. Due to the fact that any deficiencies or absence of the proper solutions may lead to potentially dangerous consequences, these issues should be a priority in the functioning and operations of every employer, in particular of a manufacturing facility. As the amount of legal regulations and duties imposed on employers and their representatives is enormous, daily support and supervision over this sphere of activity is essential.

  • Occupational health and safety
    • Ongoing support and consulting for the largest Polish employers (employing several to several thousand workers).
    • We prepared numerous opinions and analyses of specific subjects and issues.
    • Broad knowledge, confirmed by numerous specialist trainings completed by our experts.
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